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Earplugs and Bluetooth Headphones All In One.

Features Bluetooth 4.0 antenna, sweat proof design, a noise-reducing microphone, ruggedized play/pause, volume up/down, song progression, & a water resistant USB charging connector. The batter lasts up to 6 hours on a full charge.

Engineered as earplugs first, earbuds second; your ears won’t fatigue after wearing Plugfones for hours

Great for: riding the subway, sleeping alongside a snoring partner, maintaining focus in the gym, mowing the lawn, or keeping outside distractions at bay while gaming.

Enjoy the spoils of an earplug without going insane.Beyond streaming music, take incoming calls without having to expose your ears to unsafe levels of loudness even for a moment.

Tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. A third-party firm, Michael & Associates, Inc., was employed to rigorously test our products according to U.S., E.U., & Australian standards. Plugfones Liberate received an ANSI certified NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 26.

Expires Nov 4, 2016

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